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Paccha de Pumaqchupan

During your visit to the imperial city, you can visit many touristic places in Cusco, near our hotel you can find :

Guided tours in Cusco

Wanchaq Railway Station

Wanchaq station is a railroad station located in the city of Cusco, Peru. It serves as the locomotive of the southern section of the railroad, from where the lines depart to the cities of Juliaca, Puno and Arequipa. The station is located at the end of El Sol Avenue, in the eastern part of Pumaqchupan, which was the ancient urban center of the Inca city. It owes its name to the province in which it is located.

At the beginning of the Republican era, Cusco was still one of the most important cities in the south of the country, but entered a process of decline due, among other things, to its isolation from the coast. and the city of Cusco Cal.

At the end of the XIX century, when the construction of the Southern Railroad began, it was recognized that this railroad reached the coast, however, the section that linked Cusco with the city of Juliaca was paralyzed in 1875 due to the difficult economy. In 1890, construction was resumed, but was stopped again in 1894 when it only reached Sicuani.

Construction of the railroad to Cusco was not completed until 1908, also due to resistance from local financiers, who wanted the railroad not to pass through the city, but to cross the Urubamba valley to the province of La Convención. On September 13, 1908, the railroad entering the city through the Huanchak station (old spelling of the name) was built specifically for this network.

Since September 1999, the station has been assigned to the Ferrocarril Trasandino.

Paccha de Pumaqchupan

A few blocks from the Plaza de Armas in the imperial city of Cusco, La Paccha de Pumacchupan is an impressive modern tourist attraction.

The name Pumaqchupan means “the water fountain of the puma’s tail”. The place is located at the intersection of El Sol Avenue and Tullumayo Avenue, where you can enjoy its attractions:

  • Sol Echenique
  • Puma
  • Snake
  • Condor

In the background you can see the Pumaqchupan de Orellana Park. The Paccha de Pumaqchupan is a melting pot of culture and colors, where you will be amazed by all the wonders that Cusco has to offer.

Cusco Artisan Center

The Cusco Handicraft Center is the largest handicraft market in Cusco and offers a wide variety of alpaca fur products, such as carpets, slippers, coats, hats for men and women, pillows and scarves. Centro de Arte Moderno with 350 stores in an area of 4800 square meters, with comfortable facilities and guaranteed security, we offer competitive prices and special attention from the owners.

Prices are usually a little lower than in the craft markets around the Plaza de Armas. To get to the Centro Artesanal de Cusco, you can take a cab or walk from the Plaza de Armas along Avenida El Sol. At the end of the street you will find the market in a bright red building.

At the Centro Artesanal de Cusco you will find alpaca products, textiles, jewelry, ceramics, musical instruments, paintings, etc. It is more detailed than anything offered in the craft center, art and feeling of Cusco artisans who promote the Inca culture.

Weavings and skins of alpaca, vicuña and llama. Jewelry and inlays of gold, silver and semiprecious stones.

Carved and gilded wood panels and altars. Engraving and carving in ceramics, leather, stone and glitter.

Paintings and photographs of the Cusco school. Clothing, pencils and ornaments.

Everything is handmade with looms, scissors and natural dyes using ancestral techniques. Site. Coins from the streets El Sol and Tullumayo (in front of the Paccha de Pumaqchupan) Cusco, Peru.



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