Tips for Photographing in Cusco: Capture the Magic of the City

Photographing in Cusco

Cusco, the beating heart of the ancient Inca Empire and now a city that enchants travelers from all over the world, is a living canvas of stories waiting to be captured. From the warmth of Saska Hotel Boutique, we want you to take away not just memories, but images that speak of the soul of this magical city. Here are our best tips for photographing Cusco and taking home the essence of its magic.

Know Your Equipment

To capture the beauty of Cusco, you don’t need to be a professional or have the most advanced equipment. A basic camera or a good quality smartphone can be your best allies. The important thing is to know the functionalities of your equipment: learn to adjust the exposure, to change the photography modes, and to use manual focus if possible. This knowledge will allow you to capture each moment with greater precision.

The Golden Light of Cusco

The light in Cusco has a magical quality, especially during the golden hours at dawn and dusk. This is the ideal time to capture the city, when the soft rays of the sun illuminate the stones of the ancient Inca walls and the colonial facades with a golden and warm light. A perfect place to take advantage of this light is the Plaza de Armas, where the first or last rays of the day create an almost mystical atmosphere.

Capture Local Life

Cusco is much more than its impressive archaeological sites; it is its people that truly define the city. Capture local life in your photographs: the vendors in the markets, the street musicians, the festive processions. Always remember to ask for permission before photographing people; a gesture of respect can open the door to a genuine smile and an unforgettable photo.

The Details Speak

Cusco is full of fascinating details that tell stories on their own. From the intricate stone carvings on the Inca walls to the colorful Andean textiles in the markets. These details not only add visual richness to your photos but also offer a unique perspective on the culture and history of the city.

Explore Beyond the Center

While the historic center of Cusco is captivating, the outskirts of the city offer landscapes and sites that are equally impressive. Places like Sacsayhuamán, with its huge stone blocks, or the circular agricultural terraces of Moray, offer spectacular views and the opportunity to capture the grandeur of the Andean landscape.

Basic Technical Tips

To take your photos of Cusco to the next level, consider these basic technical tips:

  • Rule of thirds: Helps to create more interesting compositions, placing important elements at strategic points within the frame.
  • Varying perspectives: Don’t just shoot from eye level; look for high and low angles to give your images a different dimension.
  • White balance: Adjust your camera’s white balance to ensure that the colors in your photos faithfully reflect the scene.

When Visiting Events in Cusco

The events and festivities in Cusco are unique opportunities to capture the vibrant culture of the city. From the colorful processions of Corpus Christi to the majesty of Inti Raymi, these events fill the streets with music, dance, and ancestral traditions. Be respectful of participants and spectators, and you will find countless opportunities to capture the essence of Cusco.

Saska Hotel Boutique: Your Base for the Photographic Adventure

At Saska Hotel Boutique, we understand the passion for capturing every moment. Located in the heart of Cusco, we are the ideal starting point for your photographic adventure. Our team is always ready to recommend the best places and times to capture the city in all its splendor.

Photographing Cusco is to capture a piece of history, culture, and life that will stay with you forever. With these tips, we hope you can take home not just photographs, but pieces of the magic that makes Cusco an unforgettable place. And remember, at Saska Hotel Boutique, we welcome not just guests, but storytellers, ready to explore and capture the beauty of Cusco.



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