The best months to visit Cusco: Plan your perfect trip.

Best months to visit Cusco

Cusco, a city that seems frozen in time, is the starting point for adventurers looking to discover the wonders of the ancient Inca Empire, including the world-famous Machu Picchu. But did you know that not all months are equal for visiting this Peruvian gem? Here at Saska Hotel Boutique, we want to help you plan your perfect trip by informing you about the best months to visit Cusco.

Understanding Cusco’s Climate

Dry Season (April – October)

This is the most popular time to visit Cusco. The days are sunny, rain is scarce, and the mountain views are clear and spectacular. It’s the ideal time to explore not only the city but also the surrounding archaeological sites.

Wet Season (November – March)

During these months, Cusco receives more rain, which can make some paths and trails challenging to navigate. But it’s not all disadvantages: the landscape becomes incredibly green and vibrant, and there are fewer tourists, meaning you can enjoy the sites with more tranquility.

What Is the Best Time to Visit?

For Adventure Seekers: May – September

If your heart longs for outdoor adventures and exploring Inca ruins against a backdrop of blue skies, this is your time. Additionally, June is a special month in Cusco due to Inti Raymi, the Festival of the Sun, one of the city’s most important and colorful celebrations.

For Peace Lovers: March – April and October – November

If you prefer to avoid crowds but still enjoy pleasant weather, these months are ideal. The city is less crowded, allowing you to explore it at your own pace and have a more authentic experience at our hotel.

For Photographers: November – March

Despite being the rainy season, the clouds and lighting offer perfect conditions to capture the beauty of Cusco and its landscapes with your camera. Plus, prices are lower, both for flights and accommodation, including our Saska Hotel Boutique.

Tips for Your Visit

Book in Advance

Regardless of the month you choose to visit, it’s crucial to book your accommodation in advance. Saska Hotel Boutique offers a unique experience with its colonial architecture and personalized service, ensuring an unforgettable stay.

Prepare for Altitude

Cusco is at a significant altitude, which can affect some visitors. Take a day or two to acclimatize and drink plenty of water.

Explore Beyond Cusco

While Cusco is fascinating, the surroundings have much to offer. From the Sacred Valley to the Maras and Moray Salt Mines, there are countless adventures waiting for you.

Enjoy Local Cuisine

Peruvian cuisine is internationally renowned for its diversity and flavor. Don’t miss out on trying local dishes like guinea pig, trout ceviche, or purple corn drink.

Cusco is a city that offers unforgettable experiences year-round. Choosing the best months to visit depends on what you’re looking for in your trip: adventure, tranquility, photography opportunities, or cultural festivities. At Saska Hotel Boutique, we’re here to make your stay as magical as the city that surrounds us. Plan your trip with us and get ready for an adventure you’ll remember forever.



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